I and I Computing

Custom programming, network design and consulting

About I and I Computing

I and I Computing exists to serve the need for computer software development, network design and troubleshooting, and advanced UNIX system administration. I and I Computing is a Hawaii corporation, headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, but can deliver services virtually anywhere. Hey look, it's the Internet!

At present, I and I Computing is a one-person shop, but I am able to tap numerous resources for website design, database setup, server hosting, and so on. Via subcontracting and outsourcing, I can draw on many of the best staff and technical resources of my past two companies, plus a wide range of friends in the Hawaii and open source tech community. If you are wondering whether I can handle something for you that's not listed in my expertise - ask. If I can change my company around so that I can solve a problem for you to our mutual benefit, I will - whether it means hiring more staff, investing in equipment, finding a subcontractor, or whatever it takes.

If I can't do something for you, you'll get an honest answer and a referral: flexibility is my strength as an entrepreneur.

History of I and I Computing

I founded I and I Computing in October 2005, on leaving my role as Chief Technical Officer of Tiki Technologies and Systems Architect of LavaNet.

When I considered moving to a conventional job, I realized that I could not be as happy doing that. I love the feeling of being able to directly solve customers' problems, deliver one solution, and move on to a new and challenging problem. I was hooked on the excitement of my entrepreneurial days founding LavaNet. So far, I have no regrets.

About the Name

I came up with the name I and I Software back in 1983-1984 when I was first doing software consulting and contract programming in Hawaii. That consulting led to my doing contract work for the credit card terminal company VeriFone, which led to my being hired by VeriFone, where I then spent a good 10 years, and which led to my exposure to the Internet, which led to my starting LavaNet as an ISP (back when almost nobody knew what an ISP was.) When I decided to go back to doing freelance contract programming and consulting work, I decided to resuscitate the name, with a slight twist because now I do more than just software.

The "I"s in the name stand for nothing but "I" myself