I and I Computing

Custom programming, network design and consulting

Professional Experience

A brief overview of my professional experience prior to founding I and I Computing:

Career Highlights

Chief Technology Officer
and Chief Developer
Tiki Technologies
  • Helped found startup anti-spam company, set technical direction for company
  • Developed working prototype of spam filtering concepts from research proposal
  • Author of pending US patent for spam filtering techniques
  • Developed project plan for complete commercial implementation of Scora spam filter service, wrote all key design documents
  • Trained and managed development team
  • Took large complex Perl-based system from conception to full implementation on cluster of FreeBSD systems, through beta and to market
  • Coded around 50% of final product components including template-driven CGI-backed web GUI, written in Perl 5.6/5.8
  • ... etc. ...
Systems Architect
  • Managed Systems Department projects and staff at major Hawaii ISP
  • Improved ISP core network and server reliability through improving staff practices as well as network redundancy and technical measures
  • Implemented Web GUI-managed virtual email domain management system (PHP) backed with MySQL user database on FreeBSD mail-server, added features such as webmail, auto-responder
  • Planned/performed conversion of ISP email service to newer MTA
  • Designed/drove ISP transition to "virtualized service" network, replacing single servers with clusters to eliminate most single points of failure for key services
  • Technical lead on many projects including improved service automation, service virtualization, NFS benchmarking, OS testing (FreeBSD, BSD/OS, Linux).
  • Planned/managed physical move of NOC to new location with minimal disruption to network availability
  • ... etc. ...
President and Co-Founder
  • Took new ISP from its founding to major position in Hawaii business world, brought into black
  • Identified market need for ISP, assembled management team, made key decisions for first years.
  • Built reputation for trustworthiness, high reliability, premium service
  • Managed finances to grow from 0 to >$2.5 million annual sales, without external funding
Senior Software Systems
  • Oversaw initial porting of Amsterdam Compiler Kit from UNIX (HP-UX/SCO) to DOS/Windows environment
  • Responsible for integration and QA of standards-compliant C development tool suite for OMNI line
  • Wrote windowing interactive source-level debugger for credit card terminal environment
  • Developed Z8-based firmware for smart card storage on Tranz 420 portable terminal series
  • Defined POSIX-style C APIs for proprietary terminal OS
  • ... etc. ...
Software Engineer
  • Developed embedded system applications and OS drivers for VeriFone Z80 credit card terminals
  • Primary developer of ZAPD language for downloadable credit-card applications on VeriFone terminals
  • Primary author of software patent based on ZAPD language (US Patent # 5,724,521.)
Software Consultant
I and I Software
  • UNIX system administration (crash recovery, general administration, etc.) as consultant
  • Contract software programming for VeriFone and other customers, including embedded code libraries
Programmer 1983-1984 U. of Hawaii CTAHR
Software Consultant 1983 Tongan Ministry of Finance
Programmer 1980-1982 Decision Research Corporation
Computer Specialist 1980-1981 U. of Hawaii Computing Center
Junior Programmer 1978-1979 U. of Chicago Library Systems Dept
Student Programmer 1976-1978 US Dept. of Energy Argonne Labs

Professional Education

B.A. Mathematics
(Mathematical Logic)
1980, U. of Chicago, Chicago IL
Business Administration
(24 graduate credits)
1991-1992, U. of Hawaii, Honolulu HI